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Health and food are essential areas for humans to grow, live and develop. Therefore, at Adeste there is a constant search for innovative solutions in these segments, as well as taking advantage of such expertise to develop in the animal nutrition and pet care sector.

The attitude of doing things that no one else does and seeing value where no one else sees, beyond our purpose, is the greatest characteristic of Adeste since our foundation. Investments in research and high technology, laboratories and a pilot plant, allow us to share knowledge about new processes and applications with customers.

This has brought results that are expressed in business relationships in over 40 countries and in the growth of our companies, which today employ over 1,600 people. The businesses that make up Adeste are different, have different focus, products and markets, but they have a common trait: the certainty that work can be continually improved through the pursuit of innovation, better use of resources and the value of people.